July 20, 2018
9 months and 1 Day since
our celebration.


Auburn, New York

July 20th, 21st & 22nd




Family Picnic
Casey Park
Auburn, New York
Saturday - July 21, 2018



Greetings to all,
Welcome to the Copes Family Website.

Another year has passed and we are pleased to announce the 2018 Copes Family Reunion.  This year, our family's event will be held during July in Auburn, New York.   We are busy preparing for this special weekend event that is approaching us very quickly. 
At this time we are cordially inviting all Copes descendants to be a part of this celebration.  This is also an open invitation to all friends of the family that would like to attend.  This website will be updated periodically, so continue to check for updates every month.
Feel free to browse our website and let us know you stopped by signing our guest book.  And by the way click the RSVP tab, scroll to the bottom, choose an Event and register.  We hope to see you in July, and thanks for visiting.  Have a blessed year.

NOTE:  Click on "Family Announcements" (updated every month).

If you have an announcement to add to our website contact:
Leonard Copes Jr  (315) 283-6325
2012 Copes Family Reunion
2012 Copes Family Reunion
Brothers & Sisters
Brothers & Sisters
(2) PART QUESTION: 1) As of today, how many males have been born into our family including John Francis Copes Sr. 2) How many females have been born into our family including Justine Lois Hortman (Copes)?

27 Males & 30 Females
21 Males & 38 Females
29 Males & 32 Females
26 Males & 31 Females
Where would you prefer to have our 2015 Family Reunion?

Poconos Mountain Resort Poconos, PA
DisneyWorld - Orlando, FL
Oneida Shores Park Brewerton, NY
Owasco Lake/Casey Park Auburn, NY
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